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He Expects Me To Be A Porn Star, Right Out The Gate: An Advice Question

A Sexless Relationship: An Advice Question

Hi Zane, I'm writing to you in order to get your advice on this situation. A little about myself; I'm a 32year old female in the Washington DC area. I met this older guy 15yrs my senior; we've been dating for almost one year now. The problem I have, he's not giving me sex. When we first met it was boom, bam, pow and now our sex life is dead. We spend almost everyday together he stays at my house very frequently, we go out town, go on various dates, he cooks dinner for me I mean we do almost everything together besides have sex. Throughout this almost past year we have had a lot of ups and downs on various occasion but through it all we're still dating and everything is going great now. We've actually become more closer now then before.

He say's that he thinks sex will put a dim on our friendship and we may end up back in the same situation as before. He thinks my feelings got emotionally attached to soon while having a sexual relationship in which caused o…